Key questions

  • What improvements are required to overcome the water crisis?
  • Freshwater: limited resource?
  • How well is the humanity familiar with current water pollution situation
    in the world?
  • What are the benefits associated with a new water treatment approach?


  • Guarantee the right to water;
  • Decentralize the responsibility for water;
  • Develop know-how at the local level;
  • Increase and improve financing;
  • Evaluate and monitor water resources.

Project objectives

  • Extensive research on novel water purification approach;
  • Design a pilot plant of the purification system;
  • Development of the pilot plant;
  • Test the plant with couple of biggest end users in the region;
  • Design and development of mobile plant.

OneDrop - How it works

The project concentrates on conducting research, construction principles and design of comprehensive electrolysis unit that produces sodium ferrate from the steel anode and sodium hydroxide solution. Ferrate permits to carry on water treatment at the municipal water supplies or enterprise territory and the treatment of industrial wastewaters or drinking water.

The unit ensures that treated wastewaters discharged into the environment without any harm. Integrated electrolysis unit for the production of reagents for drinking water purification and wastewaters treatment does not have any domestic analogues and can ensure the competitiveness of the domestic water treatment processing systems compared to foreign-made analogues by price, productiveness and energy efficiency.

RBK News: St. Petersburg scientists have shown a unique device for water purification

Chemists of St. Petersburg State University within the framework of the international OneDrop project have started testing an innovative development — a mobile plant that allows to neutralize and purify industrial wastewater to the state of drinking water. It is no bigger than a microwave oven and can decontaminate up to 150…

78 News: Scientists from Saint Petersburg have created a innovative unit for waterbodies purification

The unit makes the water drinkable by using ferrates-special iron compounds. St. Petersburg and Finnish scientists have created a prototype of a compact installation that purifies and makes drinkable water from reservoirs with the help of special iron compounds. This was reported in the press service of the St. Petersburg State…

OneDrop at Towards the Circular Mining Economy Webinar

On February 12, 2021, Towards the Circular Mining Economy Webinar was held. The event was organized by LUT University and The Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg. Hamid Roozbahani from LUT and Daria Navolotskaya from St. Petersburg State University gave a presentation about the OneDrop Project - A Novel Mobile Water Purification…