Daria Novolotskaya

Senior Researcher of the CBC OneDrop project

Dr. Daria Navolotskaya is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Analytical Chemistry of the Institute of Chemistry at Saint-Petersburg State University (SPSU). She is teaching analytical chemistry and electroanalysis at the undergraduate level to chemists, biologists and geologists. Daria Navolotskaya graduated from the Department of Analytical Chemistry of SPSU in 2010 and received her PhD at SPSU in 2013 for the project “Development of screen-printed voltammetric sensors that don’t require calibration for the detection of heavy metals in water media”.

From 2010 till 2015 Dr. Navolotskaya has managed the continuing education courses in Analytical Chemistry at SPSU. She took part in scientific collaborations with PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel and AMA Co. Ltd. and had an internship at Oxford University. Dr. Navolotskaya published 7 articles in peer-reviewed international journals. Her major scientific interests are electrochemical sensors for point-of-care diagnostics, new electroanalytical methods, environmental and green analytical chemistry.

E-mail: d.v.navolotskaya@spbu.ru