Daria Navolotskaya from Saint Petersburg State University, Department of Analytical Chemistry and Roman Nekrasov from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Higher School of Automation and Robotics participated in the conference Gulf of Finland Science Days “Facing our Common Future”.

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As a result of the conference, following abstract publications were made in Gulf of Finland:

  • OneDrop – A Novel Mobile Water Purification Plant: Possibilities for the Gulf of Finland Water Treatment (Navolotskaya D., Ermakova T., Ermakov S.), page 44
  • Efficacy estimation of electron irradiation and sodium ferrate usage for purification of water samples contaminated with diclofenac (Nekrasov R., Orekhova N., Petkova A., Lomasov V.), page 43

13th-14th November 2019 The House of Estates, Helsinki