Lappeenranta Wastewater Treatment plant

Mechanical, chemical, and biological techniques will be used to treat wastewater

Old wastewater treatment plant becomes a pumping station

Technological scheme of Lappeenranta Wastewater Treatment plant

In the 2020s, wastewater in the Lappeenranta region will be pumped through new pipelines to a state of the art treatment plant to be constructed in Hyväristönmäki. The water treatment requirements will be Finland’s strictest, on account of the extreme sensitivity of the receiving waters. According to the preliminary plans, the treatment plant will be put into service in 2021, and the environmental permit is expected to be granted this summer.

In December 2015, the Lappeenranta City Council decided on the construction of a new, ultramodern wastewater treatment plant in Hyväristönmäki and the discharge of treated wastewater to Rakkolanjoki. Many surveys were conducted prior to making the decision. The latest of these surveys was a comprehensive environmental impact assessment of six potential locations for the new treatment plant and five potential wastewater discharge points.

Water samples were taken at Lappeenranta Wastewater Plant and delivered to a research center in Mikkeli for analysis.