On 10.09.2020, Employees of NPK “Omega”, a partner of the OneDrop project, participated in the 15th EcwaTech international exhibition dedicated to water treatment issues and the 13th WasteTech international exhibition focusing on waste treatment issues. Both exhibitions were held in Moscow, in the Crocus Expo exhibition center. During both exhibitions, professionals from various fields shared their experience and the latest technologies to solve the most pressing problems related to environmental pollution.

The staff of NPK “Omega” introduced the OneDrop project among the participants of EcwaTech and WasteTech. In order to find potential partners to implement the results of the OneDrop project on innovative methods of water and wastewater treatment using sodium ferrate, many participants of the exhibition were told about the tasks and goals of the project, in order to increase awareness about the OneDrop project, a lot of flyers with general information were distributed. Most of the participants were not familiar with the possibility of using sodium ferrate in water and wastewater treatment, as an economically feasible and less dangerous method compared to the use of chlorine-based reagents, which proves that there is a huge potential for using this method in various enterprises. More detailed explanations were provided for the participants who showed the greatest interest. A detailed conversation was held with the competent employees of Mosvodokanal.

In total, there were 285 expositions and more than 5,000 participants on the territory of the exhibition center. Along with Russian specialists of the environmental sector, there were also pavilions of foreign specialists from Germany, Israel and other countries. In addition to the opportunity to visit the stands, participants of the exhibition were also invited to join the business program, several conferences, seminars and round tables were organized.