Olga Matsko

Senior Researcher of the CBC OneDrop project

Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Low Temperature and Food Technologies (with honours) in 2003. In 2012 received the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in Robots, Mechatronics and Robotic systems. Since 2012 Olga works as an Associate Professor of the Automats Department in St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University, reading lecture courses on automation of process machines, mechatronic modules design including in English. She has 37 publications, among them 5 textbooks and 15 scientific works, also in international peer-reviewed journals indexed by SCOPUS. Actively participates in international scientific and technical conferences such as “Modern engineering. Science and education” (Saint Petersburg, 2016), “Automation and instrument-making: problems, solutions” (Moscow, 2016, 2017), “Science week of SPbSPU” (St. Petersburg, 2016, 2017, 2018), “Innovation and prospects of development of mining machinery and electromechanics IPDME-2018” (Saint Petersburg, 2018) and others. Olga is involved in the following research works: Federal target program “Development of design and general control principles for an integrated electrolysis unit for simultaneous generation of anolyte for disinfection of water and ferrate for disinfection of wastewater”, 2014-2016; Federal target program “Development and testing of energy-efficient mobile drives sucker rod pumps with adaptive group control system for oil wells”, 2015-2019; “Control system development and modernization for the lathe VOEST-ALPINE-STEINEL WNS 300S”, 2016- 2017; etc. Olga is currently working as a project manager assistant at OneDrop project. 

E-mail: onmatsko@gmail.com