On the 18th of January Employees of NPK Omega represented by Vladimir Brunman, Vadim Sanzharov, and Faina Livshits attended the Russian-Finnish round table “Commencement of proceedings in the Southern Savo region (Finland). From theory to practice”.

The meeting discussed investment issues, opportunities to consolidate business in Southern Savo, as well as promising areas of business development, including environmental issues related to water treatment.

Among the participants of the round table was the director of Unified Entrepreneurship Center of Saint-Petersburg, Senior Adviser of Business Finland, Russia, representatives of Finnish municipalities, employees of the agency Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd., General Director of Iron Pillow. The employees of the Unified Entrepreneurship Center of Saint-Petersburg were presented with booklets describing our OneDrop project, and also souvenirs. The large amount of information received can contribute to the development of the OneDrop project.

The Mikkeli Development Agency Miksei Ltd. is a city-owned company offering a wide range of business placement and development services, most of them free of charge. The agency presented new developing business platforms that our colleagues from LUT should pay attention to within the framework of the OneDrop project: Visulahti, EcoSairila, and Memory Campus.

The round table was organized at Unified Entrepreneurship Center of Saint-Petersburg by the Finnish business development agencies of Mikkeli, Miksei Oy, Savonlinna, Hankekehitys Oy, and Pieksamaki within the framework of the EAKR regional project “Growth and Promotion of Business Investments supporting the internationalization of the Southern Savo region”.

The webinar recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zvUWsmml9Hj_NuCqYkUj7HODGCJ_2lYS/view?usp=sharing 

Speaker presentations: https://yadi.sk/d/NuowiH3_pznNTA?w=1

The schedule of educational events of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “Center for Development and Support of Entrepreneurship” can be found on the Unified Portal of Entrepreneurs: https://www.crpp.ru/meropriyatiya_all/meropriyatiya_vse