Sergey Ermakov

Project Manager (Partner – SPbU scientific group) of the CBC OneDrop project

Professor Sergey Ermakov is the head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry of Saint-Petersburg State University (since 2015). For many years he is also the leader of the scientific group “Electrochemical methods of analysis and membrane separation”. Sergey Ermakov received his PhD in Electrochemistry in 1986 and DSc in Analytical Chemistry in 2010, both at Saint-Petersburg State University (SPSU). From 2010 till 2016 he has been the vie-director of SPSU Institute of Chemistry.

Professor Ermakov presently lectures on Analytical Chemistry, Electroanalysis and Chemical Sensors for undergraduates, master students and PhD students. Professor Ermakov has published more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and is the co-author of the textbook on Analytical Chemistry. Currently, the scientific interests of prof. Ermakov mainly lies in the fields of electrochemical sensors based on micro- and nanostructured materials, new electroanalytical methods and environmental analytical chemistry.