Assess of CBC OneDrop project environmental impact through the soil experiment currently currying out by LUT phd student Majed Parvan

OneDrop is a research project on a novel water purification method utilizing sodium ferrate. Majed’s experimental part aims to investigate the effect of sodium ferrate on agricultural soils as well as waters. Soil columns are used to study solution and contaminants movement in the agricultural soil environment within a one-meter distance. The simulation part of the experiment will help to provide knowledge on the following questions:

  • Do the contaminants reach the groundwater?
  • What is the fate of the contaminants and sodium ferrate ions in the soil environment after one meter?

The simulation will be done utilizing HYDRUS-1D software to predict the solute movement and behavior of particles in the soil.

Establishment of the soil columns set up

Soil samples

Air-drying, crushing, and sieving the soil

Soil passed through a 2-mm sieve