Vladimir Brunman

Project Manager (Partner – NPK OMEGA) of the CBC OneDrop project

Vladimir Brunman has graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, SPbPU) in 1986. He received his specialist degree in Electromechanical Engineering with specialization in Electric motors. He received his PhD in the field of economics in 1999. In 1986-1990, he was working as a researcher and designer of microprocessor control systems for large electric motors for Special design bureau in design office All-Russian Research Institute of Electromash, Leningrad.

Since 1990  he is working as a Chairman (director) NPK “Omega”, Saint Petersburg. For more than 30 years, NPK Omega initiates projects in both scientific and engineering tasks. Currently, he is working as a Chairman in Research-and-production company Omega. In his work, he specializes in the search, organization and conduct of research in various fields of science and technology, working not only as a leader but also as a scientist.

E-mail: brunman@yandex.ru